Bayly Real Estate is the only agency in Adelaide who offers Bayly BOOM (Bayly Online Offer Management) a completely customised user experience.

Bayly BOOM provides a unique experience that gives both buyers and sellers transparency in the sales process. Bayly BOOM brings fairness to the practice of selling homes, which is lacking in other traditional real estate sale methods.

Bayly BOOM is a register of buyers and their offers on properties for sale. Buyers are able to submit offers with their personal conditions. All buyers, vendors and registered parties can see competing offers, live updates, highest offer etc.

The agent can decide how the property is set up and they can choose the best option of sale like, an Auction, Fixed Date Sale, best offers by or Private Sale configuration.

Bayly provides their Vendors higher qualified buyers, as all buyers seeking to place offers must be invited by the agent, who will issue potential buyers with a private link.

All invited buyers can know exactly how many other potential buyers are placing offers.

Offer prices will only be disclosed at the discretion of your agent running the sale.

Selling with Bayly BOOM

The transparent nature of BOOM encourages genuine offers and healthy competition.

  • Our team will set it all up for you and add you as the vendor, so you can securely login and see what’s happening
  • When offers start rolling in you will see the sales happening LIVE
  • You can instantly see all the offers from any mobile device or desktop
  • Genuine and interested buyers submit their offers, pushing the price higher and higher
  • You get an email every time a new offer is placed and you can login at any time (from your phone, tablet or desktop) and watch the offers come through in real time
  • Once the sale is over, everyone is notified by email of the outcome, contracts signed and you’ve sold your property for the best price possible!

Buying with Bayly BOOM

As a registered buyer you can see exactly how many other interested parties are registered and when they place offers, letting you know exactly where you stand at any point during the sale – You will receive email notifications if your offer has been over taken by a higher offer. With the flexibility of placing offers from your desktop or smart phone, while at home or out and about, you will have time to think about you’re your next move will be – there’s no pressure as you are in control and you can respond in your own time, when needed. 


1. Click the link in the email invitation and simply register as a buyer and fill in the required fields.

2. Once you have registered, choose your alert preference and wait for the sale process to begin.

3. As the sale progresses, you can make offers until you have won and secured the property or the home has been won by another buyer.

4. The winning buyer will be contacted, final details confirmed, then the paperwork will be prepared and the contract is then sent out, preferably for electronic signing within 24hours.

We care about protecting your privacy!

BOOM is completely confidential. Potential buyers are identified by alphabetical letters.