The Bayly Story

Jackie and Steve Bayly see real estate through a unique lens 

It’s a different perspective shared because they’ve walked this journey as both a married couple, business partners and personally spent so much of it in the shoes of the buyer, seller and investor. 

A story that started when they met as teenagers, some harsh lessons were learned early, particularly when they began investing in property for themselves. This was well before they created (and sold) what would eventually become a very successful mortgage broking franchise. 

With every purchase, flip, renovation, new build, commercial development, sub-division and sale came new insights. Their passion for supporting and empowering others to grow guided them to passing on their knowledge and experience to the 6000+ people they’ve mentored and advised across more than $2 billion worth of property transactions and it all led right here. 

Bayly Real Estate is a forward thinking agency that’s continually looking for ways to improve the experience for both vendor and purchaser, with a genuine interest in what is best for you, understanding your needs and focusing on the best possible outcome for all. They are committed to changing the real estate industry one transaction at a time, because Jackie and Steve bluntly but refreshingly believe it has lost its way. 

And this is why they embrace change, particularly through technology and innovation. Bayly Real Estate live and breathe the core values they’ve built, taking great pride in creating relationships and connections, treating you like a person and not just another number. They take the same approach in supporting the growth and development within the careers of the Bayly Real Estate team.

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