Are you missing these easy steps to get the most out of the sale of your home?

Follow this step by step process to maximise the sale potential of your home 


In a competitive marketplace a well presented home can make all the difference.  With a little extra effort in the beginning it can help you save time, money and stress in the long run.

We have compiled a checklist to help you get the most out of the sale of your home


Organise and De-clutter

We believe this step is the most important.  By de-cluttering and freeing up space your home will look and feel far more spacious, the added bonus is this will make moving much easier as you have already done all the hard work.

  • Spring clean! Give away anything that you haven’t used in the past year or is no longer needed
  • Start packing and boxing up any items that will not need to be used immediately and can free space in your home
  • We recommend hiring a storage unit to store any excess furniture or items you won’t be needing during the sale of your home
  • As much as you may love all your photos, holiday gifts and personal items, potential buyers want to see a blank canvas so they can imagine and dream of how they can make the home theirs. A few items are fine, but keep it minimal.
  • Clear out the garage and storage room



  • Get stuck into all those places you normally wouldn’t pay much attention to
    • Dust blinds
    • Clean windows
    • Clean around and under furniture
    • Wash curtains
    • Clean light switches, door handles, shelves and any other hard to see or reach places
  • Steam clean tiles and carpets – A steam clean can bring them back to life and looking brand new.
  • Get rid of any smells by thoroughly cleaning, baking soda can work a treat!


Thorough inspection

  • Check all door handles are working, doors and cupboards aren’t squeaking
  • Inspect your walls for any cracks, holes or water damage
  • Check all windows are sealed properly and working
  • Check for plumbing leaks



A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to your home

  • Keep the colours neutral and clean
  • Make sure you fix up any holes or damaged spots before painting



Now that you have cleaned up and organised your home it is now time to make it presentable.

  • Rearrange furniture and art work to maximise the feeling of each room and increase the light into each room.
  • Bake some cookies prior to an open or run an oil diffuser with a light but pleasant scent

If you are confident ,you can do this by yourself.  Otherwise there are plenty of professionals who can do this for you and even supply furniture for the duration of the sale process.


Selling your house should not have to be painful, following these steps will help you on your journey to selling your home.

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