How the South Australian Lockdown Impacts Real Estate

As of Tuesday the 20th of July at 6pm, the entire state of South Australia has been thrusted into lockdown. This lockdown has impacted many industries including real estate. 

Some questions you might have about the current restrictions during this lockdown period are answered below: 

Property settlements during lockdown 

Purchasers who have pre-approved settlement dates prior to the announcement of the lockdown are permitted to move house during this time. 

Assistance with moving

Furniture removalists are allowed to assist you with your move and your agent can accommodate you with the handover of keys if needed and it is safe to do so. 

Handover of keys for a lease agreement 

If you have signed a new rental agreement and are set to move in during the lockdown period, you are allowed to do so and agents are able to assist with the handover of keys. 


Under the guidelines of the lockdown, there will be no Open Inspections or House Inspections for renters during this time. 


On-site auctions are not permitted during the lockdown period, however online auctions can go ahead. 

The use of tradesmen on your property 

Only if it is essential work for health, safety and wellbeing needs. E.g electrical, gas, water, sewerage and locksmiths.