Managing your investment

Your investment property is a valuable asset and should be managed accordingly. 

Bayly Real Estate’s property management team is highly skilled and experienced. 

They give every property the attention it deserves, ensuring your obligations are managed efficiently, whilst successfully providing a higher return.

Steve and Jackie Bayly, the founders of Bayly Real Estate have been investing in property for over 35 years. They are landlords and investors, know what if feels like to be in your shoes and from their years of experience have created a system that is easy and stress free.

Bayly Property Management

  • Work hard to take the stress out of leasing your property and ensure it is well looked after.
  • Give you back time for your lifestyle and family.
  • High level of communication, which can be tailored to you preferred level.
  • Take the time to closely research your property, factoring in all elements including area, style, location, and comparable properties, ensuring the correct advice is provided.
  • Innovative marketing which makes your property stand out from the crowd to attract high quality tenants and a premium rent return. 
  • High standards to achieve both great and fast results, by selecting the best tenant for your property.
  • Access to a team of reliable tradespeople, we ensure all repairs and improvements are cost effective, high quality and carried out efficiently.
  • Innovative and cutting edge technology making it easy for tenants and landlords
  • Fresh ideas and a smart approach to make a positive impact on the Adelaide rental market.

Bayly Real Estate offer guidance with helping you achieve the best possible return on your investment from presenting your property, making it stand out, to marketing and leasing your home with quality tenants.

Contact Bayly Property Management today to learn how you can achieve great results, improve your lifestyle and ensure your investment performs at its peak.