Steve & Jackie met when they were teenagers fell in love & got married when Jackie was 19 years old. They couldn’t wait to start their lives together and buy their first home. Within 3 years from purchase they had it paid off in full, which took determination, commitment & hard work.

This is where their passion for property began and they were keen to grow their property portfolio. Their first property investment fell short of their expectations. From extra costs to blow outs in time frames, their projected profit margin were not what they were expecting. It was a case of biting off more than they could chew & taking on an advanced strategy without the right knowledge or experience.

Their second deal went even worse they were way out of their depth and ended up losing everything including their home which they had worked so hard for. They wanted to give up, didn’t know what they were going to do & weren’t sure if they could continue.

Starting from scratch with a new little baby to support, they had to overcome all those negative thoughts & emotions that were telling them they weren’t smart enough, strong enough or capable of achieving their dreams. Together they decided to never let those negative thoughts control their actions again. It has been this team work, dedication and persistence that has helped them create what they have today. Their never give up attitude has helped them to always find solutions to difficult obstacles that life has thrown at them and they honestly believe that if there is a will, there’s always a way.

Family has always been their number one inspiration and not wanting to make the same costly mistakes again they decided the best thing to do was immerse themselves in education; attend courses, find mentors & read books. Robert Kiyosaki has been one mentor who changed their lives & they recommend his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad to everyone, it is what set in concrete their passion to invest in property to create wealth and financial freedom.

With this new mindset & strong belief that property is the right path for them, they set out to create their wealth & began working with mentors. They knew it was time to let go of their ego’s, they had learnt from their mistakes the hard way and knew the best way forward was to follow in the footsteps of those who have been there before. This is when they truly started to succeed, they attribute their success to this continued lifelong learning.

Life was back on track until they devastatingly found out they couldn’t have any more children, so they decided to adopt a child and were blessed with a little girl from Thailand. Supporting children in need is still something very close to their heart. They continue to help where they can through sponsorship, charity work & donations. To date they have been involved with charities such as The Thai Red Cross Orphanage, Destiny Rescue, Compassion & The 2h Project.

Everything they have done in business has been to support their family and finance their passion to create wealth with property. It was this drive that led them to embark on careers as Mortgage Brokers, they went on to own, run & franchise a hugely successful Mortgage Broking business. During their 20 years in the industry they had many people wanting their help with finance after purchasing properties with the goal of retiring early and achieving financial independence for their family.

What they found was that many of these people had bought on their own without the right research and advice only to find years later they had over paid or bought the wrong property and it was not performing. The worst part is that not only had they lost money, they also lost precious time and years in the market without growth.

It was seeing this sort of thing time and time again that led to the idea of creating a business that could help people invest in property safely and security with the right research advice and team. It was time to use their knowledge and experience to show people what they had done. They sold their Mortgage Broking business to focus on this new business venture and the best thing was that their existing property portfolio gave them the flexibility & choice to take their time with the transition & also enjoy some much deserved time off.

Fast forward 35 years and now with over 30 properties purchased they have navigated their way through nearly every investment strategy under the sun from developments, commercial properties, positive cash flow properties, high percentage return on money invested, renovating, flipping, building and subdivisions amongst other things.

It is this experience that helps them offer the best strategic advice to their clients whether that be buying, selling or investing. Their passion for property has been a long road, they now desire to use their knowledge & experience to help others make the best possible decisions with property, because getting it wrong is very costly. They don’t want other people to make the same mistakes they did & have seen so many others make over the years.

They have helped over 6000 people & families with mentoring & strategy sessions to create personalised property solutions to fit each and every individual’s needs. They have been involved in over $2 billion worth of property transactions & have years of experience in finance, property investing & real estate.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing & looking back now they know they would have succeeded a lot quicker if they had used mentors from the beginning, but they also know the biggest risk would have been to do nothing at all. The best lessons learnt are to never give up on your dreams & to always have an experienced & professional team to support you. 

Find good mentors who have walked the path you are on, that you trust and that can guide you through the hard times, answer the challenging questions & support you every step of the way. Remember patience’s, resilience’s & persistence are key, a strong belief in yourself, a clear end goal & the determination to follow your dreams.

What gives Steve & Jackie the most joy is that they now help others with achieving their dreams. They truly believe that “we can all achieve anything we set our minds to”. Their mission is to help as many people as they can take control of their financial wealth through property investment opportunities so they can create financial independence for their future.

They sincerely hope this inspires you to start your own property journey so you can create financial freedom with property as they know from experience that it is a great vehicle to give you more for your future.

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1983: Our Wedding Day
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2007: Jackie in Cambodia with the 2h Project
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2017: Our Family 
2017 : Celebrating the Year that Was with Our Great Team
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2018 : Expansion into traditional Real Estate & putting our family name at the forefront of the business 
The major wisdom we have learnt along the way is self belief, the value of resilience and persistence, having clear goals & the knowing to never give up on what you want. 

Inspiring & helping others to follow their dreams & achieve their goals has been our inspiration every step of the way.

 The joy we get from seeing our clients achieve their goals is such an amazing feeling & it's why we do what we do.

We have given property investing advice to over 6000 people & families, helping them successfully navigate their way through the exciting yet sometimes confusing world of property.
Steve & Jackie Bayly
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