Tenant Information

Applying for a property with Bayly Real Estate is simple with tenantoptions.com.au

All you need to do is set up an account, fill in all the details and it saves everything in your account. Next time you apply for a property through tenant options all you need to do is update the necessary information. No more filling out application after application.

The more information you can provide in your application the better, this helps to speed up the reference checking process and improve your chances of being the successful applicant.

Take your time to read the application carefully and fill in as much detail as possible, as mentioned before it is done once and all your information is saved for future reference – how good is that.

Tip for a successful application: Supply all or as much information as possible, in a clear readable format. If further information is requested, be proactive and follow through as quickly as possible with the additional information – timely communication is essential.

Preparing your application 

Before you submit your tenant application organise the following to give you the best chance in securing the property you want and avoid disappointment.

Bayly Real Estate require the following for your application

  • Drivers licence (front and back) or proof of age card, and passport
  • Last three recent pay slips and last three months current bank statements
  • At least one current statement or bill for your phone, internet, electricity, gas, water, or utility’s account
  • Current and previous employment details with employment contact details
  • Current and previous residential address
  • Personal references contact details such as your employer or landlord
  • Vehicle details including registration number, make and model
  • Emergency contact/next of kin contact information
  • Pet information if applicable including breed, sex, age, council registration ID, photo

Any other documentation that supports your application. If you have a unique situation or would like to explain more about why you would be a good applicant provide as much details in the additional comments section at the end of your application.

Other information that can support your application

  • If self-employed, supply current year’s tax assessment, letter from accountant confirming income, recent BAS statements, or business trading bank accounts
  • Investment and other income – investment statements, bank accounts showing income, or lease and tenancy agreements

If you have questions or would like to discuss your personal situation, please get in touch with us for a friendly and confidential chat.