"Our Unique Background & Experience in Property Offers a Specialised Property Service Like No Other Company"
Steve & Jackie Bayly
Instead of us telling you why you should sell with Bayly.
We asked our clients to share with us their personal experiences  
  •   They bring a sense of integrity, care and love in all their interactions &  communication  
  •  Absolutely phenomenal in not only their impressive knowledge but also taking me on an educational journey 
  •  Their Enthusiasm, energy & love for what they do shines through in every conversation  
  • They have a genuine interest for what is best for you, understanding your needs & achieving the best possible outcomes & results for all 
  • They provide education & knowledge to equip you with making the best property decisions to give you the best possible outcome 
  • They go to great lengths to ensure the process is smooth with a supportive professional team 
  • They made us feel comfortable immediately & were very professional & knowledgeable 
  • We knew we had met people we really liked & could trust. Their passion & experience in the industry was so evident.  
  • Skilled and experienced team who have a passion for property & helping people  Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately
  •    Exceptional service always going above & beyond 
  • They bring their loving heart to every part of their business 
  •  They are not only knowledgeable & trustworthy, but two of the kindest people I have ever met.  
  •  They want success for all parties & have integrity in all their dealings 
  •  They explained information in a way that we could understand, they surrounded us with an experienced & knowledgeable team of experts. 
  •  They facilitated a smooth process through immediate communication & management of any potential situation 
  •  They are fantastic to work with & they're always there, only a phone call or an email away! 
  •  They helped me so much by providing guidance & explaining the process & strategies in a way I could understand. 
  •  They have provided advice & ongoing support from day one, & their support continues even after the project has completed.  
  •  Jackie, Steve & the whole team at Properties4U are very professional & they keep you informed all along the way.  
  • They are definitely not your run of the mill agents - They makes things happen They bring a sense of integrity, care and love in all their interactions &  communication  
“We only do business with people we like, trust and believe in, Jackie and Steve embody all these qualities”
Over the past 35 years, we have been helping people
 buy, sell & invest in real estate.

With 20 years experience in the finance industry & 
10 years in real estate as well as personally investing
 in property locally & internationally with over 30 properties purchased & hundreds sold we offer a unique skill set
 to the real estate industry. 

Successfully investing through two major booms & three economic crashes. The experience we have gained and the knowledge we have learnt we now use to educate people 
on how to buy, sell & invest in property safely to 
maximise profit & create wealth.    

We have helped over 6000 people & families just like you successfully navigate their way through the exciting yet sometimes confusing world of real estate. 

We offer personalised property solutions & extensive research so you can rest easy & create the life 
you want with property.
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