Spend a little more now…to gain greater results in the future.

I’m often asked what makes Properties 4 U standout from the crowd with Property investing.

My answer is simple, “quality homes in desirable locations where families want to live”

A recent article in in Smart Investor Magazine reveals the top 5 things home owners desire in their homes. When I read through the list – we nail it, except for 1.

And why that one you may ask…

The one item that we do not put into an investment property upfront is “Solar Panels”. Yes they can be an attractive item for a home owner who is looking to reduce their running costs – however as a landlord it is an additional cost, a capital outlay with very little to no return on that investment for the landlord.
The other four items are: Fully ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning, having a garage or carport, nice backyard and outdoor entertaining.

Our homes are built with the end user in mind, firstly the tenant – to achieve a higher rental income, a home that the tenants will pay more for. Convenience and comfort makes the difference when looking for quality tenants, having fully ducted reverse cycle Air conditioning, great back yard, off street car parking and an outdoor entertaining area, like an alfresco under the main roof, ticks the main boxes.

With Australian temperatures on the rise and humidity increasing – having fully ducted reverse cycle Air conditioning provides all year round comfort and makes the home stand out from the crowd.

Having direct access from the garage into the home, not only provides shelter from the weather but also added security.

Street appeal is a major factor with our selections, along with finding investment property locations that are amongst home owners.

Some investors focus on buying cheap, a little run down old unit or flat and then cross their fingers and hope for the best.

That is not a strategy – that is a “wing and a prayer” approach. These tired old properties require continual maintenance, higher out of pocket costs, and if built before 1985 there is no depreciation for capital works (the cost of construction) – unless there have been more recent structural improvements, often strata fees are involved and the cheap unit or flat can become very costly.

I have often seen investment companies build new, small, s@!* boxes – have one split system A/c in the family area to do the whole home or worse, a few ceiling fans, no alfresco, limited lawn in the yards, a basic carport, no alfresco and then wonder why the tenants are leaving after 12 months and not renewing.

Jumping in to quickly to an investment property without having an investment strategy in place for the long term that is a fit for you, can limit and restrict you if you make the wrong decisions at the start.

You should always make sure you gain advice from professionals experienced in this area including assessing your risk and financial position. Waiting a little bit longer to buy something that will grow and will pay dividends in the long run. With the strategy of building new, high quality homes to suit the location and families – then at any if time you “don’t want to play the game anymore” you can sell your property and you know it will appeal to the largest market audience – which is home owners – and this will put you way in front over the long term.

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